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Mindful Education Teacher Training

Led by Daniel Rechtschaffen, author of The Way of Mindful Education and The Mindful Education Workbook, this Mindfulness in Education Training helps participants gain the skills and confidence to bring the many benefits of mindfulness to children in grades K–12. Educators, counselors, parents, and child-care providers will have the opportunity to deepen their own mindfulness practice and discover practical tools to incorporate mindfulness practices into daily life and work. Throughout the training, we balance professional development with personal development, and information with transformation. Participants will train in the Mindful Education Workbook curriculum, and how to apply it to children of different ages, populations, and special needs. We will examine current research and the way schools and organizations are already successfully integrating these transformative practices. 


1. Enhance their own mindfulness practice, learning stress relief, self care, attention, and empathy skills for the classroom.

2. Learn curriculum and therapeutic interventions based on social emotional learning, mindfulness, and embodiment practices

3. Learn various mindfulness based approaches to reducing stress and creating emotional regulation for youth

This course helps teachers and therapists to cultivate their own mindfulness practices as well as learning mindfulness based lesson plans to integrate into their work with kids. New research shows that mindfulness practices decrease stress, anxiety, and depression in children, while improving emotional regulation, ability to focus, and social relations—all proven contributors to academic achievement. This 2-day training gives educators, counselors, parents, and childcare providers the practical tools they need to bring the many benefits of mindfulness to children in grades K–12.

Day One

The first day we will focus on the field of mindfulness in education and the benefits of mindfulness both for students and educators.

We will practice mindfulness for ourselves as well as learning how to integrate it into education systems.

Day Two

We will focus on creating a mindfulness based curriculum with the five literacies of mindfulness.

We will learn how to teach physical, mental, emotional, social, and global literacy.


Datum: 23-24 September

Plats: Svenska Mässan

Tid: 09.30-16.30

Frågor? undran@empaticus.se

Pris: 2d 1850kr - 1d 995kr

Bankgiro: 775-3007
Swish: 123 041 72 20

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